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West is a brand and marketing firm for startups

We are living through a revolution where technology is changing our lives. Yet, many great ideas will fall short of their potential because they fail to communicate their vision and service in a way that resonates. We’ve seen it first hand. And we know that brand usually trumps technology.

Poorly articulated positioning, an over-reliance on performance, or other “safe” strategies means that companies fail to reach their potential. These are the reasons why 95% of startups fail. Less than 20% make it to a Series B. That’s a lot of wasted time and money.

We deeply understand the founder journey and, how capital works, but more importantly, how to use art and science to create brands and go-to-market strategies that both inspire consumers as well as increase the enterprise value of your company.

Building a brand and a cost-efficient go-to-market is not one-size-fits all, or a job done in isolation. It should be built into the heart of your product and team. This requires a deep understanding of your technology, funding stage, market, and the most impactful way to address the unmet needs of your audience.

We’ve worked at some of the most progressive brands and agencies, founded our own companies, raised money, sat on boards, and have been venture investors ourselves. We’re a team of creative and strategic hybrids who understand your ecosystem and forces that shape it.

Our Values


Time and capital are too precious for us to sugar coat things. We tell you directly what we see so that we can get to the heart of the matter, together and quickly.


We bring diverse backgrounds as strategists, creatives, investors, marketers, thinkers and do-ers who challenge our companies to think differently.


Tenacity and never giving up is often all that separates the winners and the losers. We are relentless in doing what it takes for you to be successful.


Building great companies requiries bold thinking and the ability to do what’s right and not what’s expected.


To build companies that will change the world, you need to see the positive, the opportunity and openness to those daring enough to ask “what if?”.

Our Tools

We customize our approach across three core categories

Brand Development

We believe that brand is the sum total of every interaction a customer has with a company. We work with you to design a defensible brand and bring it to life across all key touchpoints.
Some of the tools we use:
  • Foundational Brand Positioning
  • Visual Design
  • Value & Market Identification

Market Strategy

Our goal is to unlock enterprise value, relative to your goals, resources, and stage. We work with you to develop the right business and marketing strategy to do so.
Some of the tools we use:
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Go-to-Market Playbook
  • Customer Experience Mapping

In-Market Execution

We are experts in building powerful narratives and releasing them to the world. We’ll help you define your story, execute your marketing strategy as well as find the right talent to manage it long-term.
Some of the tools we use:
  • Content & PR
  • Creative & Video Production
  • Talent & Recruiting
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