Introducing West Talent Services

By West

West Retained Recruitment is now West Talent Services! Expanding our capabilities to help startups grow. 

West was founded to help early-stage companies do whatever it takes to move up the growth curve. As a venture studio, we partner with high-growth companies at key inflection points––unlocking market value and translating big visions into iconic brands. Over time it became clear that many of our companies did not have the talent or organizational structure in place to execute on their aggressive growth plans, build the brand they aspired to be, and retain their top talent. With deep knowledge of startups, an extensive talent network, and our unique position as a venture studio, we knew that we could help. 

We launched our Retained Recruitment services in 2019 to help startups hire top talent in executive and key roles. Since then, we’ve placed dozens of senior leaders across marketing, sales, finance, engineering, and operations in some of the fastest-growing and most exciting businesses. And we are proud of the teams we have helped build. 

But hiring top talent is only one part of what makes a company successful. The tech industry is at a critical impasse. Companies big and small have had to reorganize, restructure, and make cuts to their teams. As we head into 2023, we are excited to expand our set of services to more fully support companies and candidates. Those services include:

Employer Branding. A strong employer brand creates excitement and intrigue among great talent––ultimately motivating them to take a risk and join. Here we’ll work with you to develop a comprehensive employer brand that drives toward the right business outcome. Think everything from a careers page to unique event activations that are designed to help your company show up in the right place, at the right time, and, most importantly, with the right message. 

Talent Advisory. Our talent assessment services look closely at the health of your business, competitors, and the end-to-end candidate experience to ultimately inform your talent needs and provide you with solutions to hire successfully. Curious about your average cost-per-hire or lacking the data to make informed salary decisions? Our Talent Assessment services are the first step to building a successful talent machine.

Retained Recruitment. Recruitment will always be our roots. We dove into Recruitment first because, as investors and partners, we are aligned with the growth of the businesses we work with, have a deep understanding of their business and team culture, and can generate excitement between candidate and company. Embedding with West’s brand strategy and creative teams gives us a unique window into the opportunity of each business and directly impacts our ability to not only generate excitement for specific roles but, most importantly, partner with a company to shape how each and every new hire will directly impact the growth of the business. 

We love discussing talent strategy and ways to help solve your hiring needs, reach out to us at talent@west.ventures for more.