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West offers recruiting services for our clients and portfolio companies.

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West offers contingency recruiting services for our clients and portfolio companies.

Our venture studio model is different. We have a deep understanding of what makes great talent and we draw upon our large, diverse network to source and facilitate top talent hires.

  • We understand the companies we recruit for at a deep level because we are in the studio building with you – the vision, the market opportunity, the team, the culture, we dig deep on it all.

  • We create excitement for the position and articulate the opportunity as if we were a member of your team.

  • We both can’t afford to make the wrong hire. As investors, we have aligned interests in finding the right hire that will drive immediate value for your company.

  • We focus on creating a great candidate experience and bringing the offer process to a fast commitment.

  • Having the right talent in place is key to a company’s success at every point. We understand that.

What our clients say:

After we closed our Series A, recruiting became our number one concern at the company. Having run an in-depth process for our branding, West became intimately connected to our identity, mission, and values. They leveraged this awareness to send us candidates we didn’t even know to look for.

– Cameron Yarbrough – CEO of Torch

The experience of hiring our customer success employee on our own compared to the experience of having West recruit for our sales hire was night and day. Arthur is truly dedicated to helping the companies he works with and ensures he can spend the needed time helping each one.

– Jack Forbes – CEO of Kopa

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We love discussing talent strategy and ways to help to solve your hiring needs. Please contact the email below if you would like to learn more. Contact studio@west.ventures.

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