Arthur Gallanter

Arthur believes that there is almost nothing that can’t be achieved through good conversation. It is the common trait across his experiences as an entrepreneur, sales executive, recruiter, operator, and investor, and it is how he connects amazing individuals to critical roles at our companies. The combination of these experiences is also what enables Arthur to see the potential in every individual and know exactly where and how they can be most impactful within an organization.

Prior to coming to West, Arthur was with LinkedIn during its hypergrowth and eventual acquisition by Microsoft. During his time there, Arthur advised company executives who used LinkedIn for hiring and their overall talent acquisition strategy. His experience advising many different startups gave him a front row seat to the challenges and importance of hiring the right talent. This experience furthered his perspective on how essential it is for a company to be aligned around a central core – the process of defining vision, mission, strategy and objectives.

Arthur joined LinkedIn from QuinStreet where he was responsible for driving growth across clients in the education space. Before QuinStreet, he worked at a Madrid based startup and managed all English language customer support. While attending Santa Clara University, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Management, Arthur founded Bronco Student Services providing food delivery, laundry, and storage to services for students. The company is still in operation today.

Arthur will jump at any invitation to go skiing. Just say ‘powder’ and he is on his way. He fulfills his creative interests making furniture and pasta, as well as learning new hands-on skills.