Brandon Hightower

Brandon is a strategist whose life’s mission is to “use technology to enhance our essential humanity and make the world more beautiful, more intelligent, and more just”. He is a skilled and highly original synthesizer of insights, unexpected answers and human-centered design techniques to source fresh ideas that propel his partner companies to real-world impact. 

Born and raised in Orlando, Florida, Brandon came to California, drawn by the lure of palm trees and autonomous robots, to study at Stanford University, graduating with a B.S. in Product Design. Brandon has since independently consulted for a number of young companies in user research, product definition, and design strategy, and has worked as a UX Designer and Design Researcher for SAP Silicon Valley. During his time at SAP, Brandon worked on a number of projects introducing AI into legacy workplace technology. As a designer, Brandon sought to always advocate for the user and make experiences a little more delightful, constantly challenging what was expected of design in a large B2B organization. 

In his spare time, Brandon likes to be seen in cool outfits and get lost on the internet. An average weekend consists of watching hours of Richard Feynman and James Baldwin lectures, crying while watching fashion shows online, and shopping for vintage clothes.