Emma Dessau

Emma is a researcher, writer, and lover of words. She goes deep with companies to define and build effective brand strategies and is energized when seeing the work come to life in real-time. 

A Bay Area native, Emma attended the University of Southern California, graduating with a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies. While at USC, Emma honed her interests in content and audio production, serving as the Head Producer for Match Volume, an interview-based podcast through Annenberg Media. When time allows, she also enjoys assisting with West content creation, and co-leads West’s quarterly Fellows program. 

A firm believer that education is an invitation to action, Emma learned about the issue of college homelessness while at USC, and in response during her senior year, launched an overnight shelter for college students experiencing homelessness. She continues to seek out opportunities in her present-day life that address issues relating to homelessness.