Pradnya Dighe

Pradnya loves to tell complete stories by weaving the tangible and the intangible together. A multi-faceted thinker, her work aspires to create layered experiences where multiple senses are teased and stimulated. She loves finding obscure cultural and poetic references and anecdotes to describe her concepts. 

Pradnya holds a Master’s degree from the University of the Arts London with a focus on information design. Following her move to the US in 2012, Pradnya worked at IDEO and Adaptive Path, where she focused on user research and visual and information design. Most recently, she spent four years working at Viscira | VML Y&R, designing digital applications for pharmaceutical and healthcare companies.

Pradnya currently resides in Dublin, California, with her husband and seven-year son. She loves to experiment with new recipes in her spare time, play story-based video games on her PS4, and watch animated movies with her son.