Tin Dinh

With his flexibility to learn and adopt different styles, Tin is a multifaceted thinker who draws from his unique design ethos to help West’s partners launch their ideas into the world.  A multidisciplinary designer, he works best when outside his comfort zone turning abstract ideas into impactful and unique branding systems.

Born and raised in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Tin came to San Francisco at 17 to pursue his high school and undergraduate education. After receiving his BFA in Design at University of San Francisco, he worked at Williams-Sonoma, Inc. as a digital marketing designer on a variety of campaigns and assisted with developing creative directions for the Pottery Barn Kids brand. In parallel, Tin also served as the Creative Director for Bob Cut Magazine, where he developed content, as well as creative directed and designed their biannual publication featuring stories and interviews with local artists and community cultivators. 

Besides his love for design, Tin enjoys spicy food, dark coffee, and strongly believes that dancing is the best form of exercise. He is also a father to his house plants and new puppy, Kiwi, and loves wearing overalls.