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Where we started

Braintree CEO Bill Ready reached out to West to help reposition and raise brand awareness of the Chicago-based payments startup so that it could compete more effectively with its Silicon Valley rivals, Square and Stripe.


What we did

Working with Braintree underscored the importance of speaking to core audiences in their language. West revamped Braintree’s brand strategy, visual and verbal identity, go-to-market strategy, and developer outreach strategy with branded tools, support, and programs to make developers’ lives easier.

Standing on stage presenting all the work you've done was one of my proudest moments as an entrepreneur. We finally have branding and marketing that tells our story—the way it should be told. You make me proud. Proud of our company, our brand, our story, what we aspire to be, and most of all proud of each of you!

- Bill Ready, Former CEO of Braintree


Where they are now

Braintree exceeded revenue and growth goals and the startup was acquired by PayPal during West’s tenure. Bill Ready’s team went on to lead business and marketing efforts across all of PayPal.

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