Shifting the collective thinking. Designing a scalable go-to-market and brand that unites a founder’s mission to change the way the earth looks from space with changing consumer tastes.


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Where we started

Impossible Foods CEO Pat Brown, a Stanford biochemist and lifelong vegan, reached out to West with a big question: How could we reduce, or even reverse the impact of animal farming on the planet and as a result, change the way the earth looked from space?


What we did

West recognized the importance of creating a magical (and delicious) first impression for Impossible Foods’ brand-new, plant-based burger. We shifted the focus from the vegetarian meat industry, with sales just north of $550 million, toward the $88 billion beef industry. We worked with high-end chefs to build excitement with a consumer segment that identified as millennial foodies, defined by their love of rare and exciting food experiences. By bringing the chefs into the process, we not only created a superior experience, but also cultivated a group of opinion leaders who believed in the company, brand, and mission enough to serve Impossible Burgers in their own restaurants.

Once people tried the burger they couldn’t believe that it wasn’t meat. They immediately understood that it was a product that they could crave. We are seeing a 38 percent increase in traffic leading to 18 percent sales growth [since selling the burger].

- Daniel del Olmo, Chief Executive, Umami Burger


Where are they now

Using West’s go-to-market and brand strategy, Impossible Foods created national buzz around the burger and raised a $273 million Series D at a 3x premium.

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