Flipping the script on the traditional market approach with an aspirational brand that leads through trust and education.


  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design + Development
  • Digital Experience
  • Brand Platform
  • Photo + Video Production
  • Creative Production


  • Propel


Where we started

When Prelude Fertility founder Martin Varsavsky asked if we would be interested in working on the future of sex, he got our attention. The challenge: Acquire the country’s top infertility clinics and transform them into fertility clinics.


What we did

With the goal of improving peoples’ chances of having healthy babies when they’re ready, West partnered with Prelude to launch a brand focused on education rather than fear. We created an aspirational brand identity and completely re-engineered the end-to-end experience for all types of patients. West established Prelude’s business strategy, audience definition, brand platform, visual and verbal identities, and go-to-market strategy.

I was seeking a creative and strategic partner that was not afraid to be bold and push the boundaries of how we spoke about fertility. West was there from day one with a sense of urgency that drove our brand and this industry forward.

- Martin Varsavsky, Founder of Prelude Fertility


Where they are now

Since the start of our work together, the Prelude brand has expanded from a single clinic to the fastest-growing network of fertility clinics in the United States. Prelude continues to grow through acquisition and partnerships of top-tier fertility centers including Vivere Health and a partnership with NYU Langone Fertility Center. In March 2019, the Prelude Network merged with Inception Fertility, creating the largest network of comprehensive fertility care clinics in the U.S.

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